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Policies for Enhancing Access to Health Services in Deprived Areas - The Healthy Municipality

Current provisioning of health services in the remote cross-border areas primarily focuses on coping with emergency cases and not on their prevention. Latter means low level of health services and degradation of the quality of life of the local population, high costs of health services both for the local people and for the providers of health services. Taking consideration of these problems the overall objective of the project “The Healthy Municipality” is the designing and introducing of prevention policies at Municipality level in the remote cross-border areas.
As such the project pursues to support appropriate prevention policies upon:

  • investigating morbidity causes, developing population morbidity maps and formulating policies for its reduction,
  • investigating the access to health services along with the degree of needs’ coverage for the specific services in the project partner areas,
  • locating vulnerable groups and taking measures for improving their support for prevention (diagnostic exams, standard protocols for treatment of incidents),
  • developing tools (patient cards, digital alert systems, equipment for health centers, networking local health structures),
  • designing local health policy plans and organizing communication actions for applying a common plan in the project areas and
  • implementing pilot applications (diagnostic and clinical exams for vulnerable groups, health prevention sessions).
The Healthy Municipality Project Logo
A series of activities contribute to mainstreaming the project results in the CB area.
The project’s objective contributes to the program priority Specific Objective 8 «To improve access to primary and emergency health care (at isolated and deprived communities) in the cross border area” by implementing prevention actions addressing the local population, by the introduction of prevention policies and capacity building at Municipality level in the remote areas (developing tools - pilot applications to support their prevention policy), by setting up a cross-border lab on Municipal health prevention.
The project objectives are being reached in a cross-border approach, primarily because of the common geographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the remote cross-border areas, secondly, because of the lack of health coverage in those areas, the difficult access of the local people to medical help, meaning that the early diagnosis of the diseases is particularly low whereas prevention is missing.
The project, while designing and introducing prevention policies at Municipality level in the cross-border remote areas, focuses on actions promoting primary care services and actions of cross-border added value such as a digital data base with patient cards in each area, a digital alert system, a digital Municipal health platform in each partner area, digital networking of local health structures, all designed under a common methodology.
The Partners of the project, the population of the area, the public health sector, the local communities, as well as other local Municipalities, from the whole Interreg Greece - Bulgaria Program area will benefit from the project implementation.

Project Budget

The Total Budget of the Project: 1.135.147,40€

ERDF Contribution: 964.875,29 € 

National Contribution:  170.272,11 €

Project Duration

The Project Duration: 1/11/2017 – 31/10/2020

Overall Project Coordinator

Mr. Efstathios Kefalidis
Mr Efstathios Kefalidis

Project Work Packages & Deliverables

WP 1 Project Management & Coordination
Deliverable 1.1Preparation Activities
Deliverable 1.2Management structures at each partner
Deliverable 1.3Internet portal for project management
Deliverable 1.46 transnational meetings
Deliverable 1.5External evaluation
WP 2Communication & Dissemination
Deliverable 2.1 Communication policy
Deliverable 2.2Project web site
Deliverable 2.3Publicity material
Deliverable 2.4Kick off and closing conferences
Deliverable 2.5Local information seminars in partner areas
WP 3 Stocktaking
Deliverable 3.1 Population socioeconomic characteristics and operating health infra structure (desk analysis in each area)
Deliverable 3.2Research (questionnaire): Access to and degree of needs’ coverage of health services in partners' areas
Deliverable 3.3Sampling on identifying local morbidity in project areas
Deliverable 3.4Synthesis Reports for each partner area and for the entire cross border area
Deliverable 3.5Designing digital maps on morbidity and health infra structure
WP 4Developing Tools - Early Warning System
Deliverable 4.1Setting up examination protocols in partner areas upon most frequent diseases
Deliverable 4.2Digital data base in each area with patient cards and digital alert system
Deliverable 4.3Digital municipal health platform in each area
Deliverable 4.4Supply of additional equipment for health centers
Deliverable 4.5Networking local health structures
WP 5Designing Local Prevention Policy and Pilot Testing
Deliverable 5.1 Designing local health policy plans
Deliverable 5.2Setting up common cross border prevention plan for pilot testing
Deliverable 5.3Designing and applying communication actions for applying commn plan in project areas
Deliverable 5.4Pilot application in each area
WP 6Evaluation and Mainstreaming
Deliverable 6.1 Evaluating results of pilot application at local level
Deliverable 6.2Synthesis report and results on application of pilot application in entire cross border area (problems and good practices)
Deliverable 6.3Adapting local plans to results of pilot application
Deliverable 6.4Setting up cross border lab on prevention and primary health policies

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