Digital municipal health platform in each area (4.3)

Deliverable 4.6.3 - Press Release (English)

Early Warning Health System (BG)

Digital municipal health platform

The platform is part of the pilot project activities and aims to serve the needs of patients and all stakeholders (municipal administration, doctors, including GPs, etc.) from Krumovgrad and Momchilgrad Municipality. It will serve as a tool for managing and controlling the health of the residents of the municipalities, through exchange of data between patient and municipality, patient and doctor, doctor and patient, doctor and municipality.

Its application will achieve the following goals:

  • the creation and maintenance of digital health records of the citizens from Municipality of Momchilgrad and Krumovgrad;
  • processing data from the digital health records by different criteria, in order to analyze and evaluate the frequency of diseases in the target region;
  • implementation of a timely system for automatic notification of users of the platform.

The developed digital municipal health platform will allow registered citizens to fill in, edit and/ or add new information to their personal digital patient cards, as well as allow medical specialists to review the data recorded in their electronic health record.

The digital municipal health platform is available at

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