Database on the Content of CB Labs

6.5.4 Setting up cross border lab on prevention and primary health policies
Agency for Transnational Training and Development

Database on the Content of CB Labs


The Database on the Content of the Cross Border Labs (CB Labs) has been prepared by the Agency for Transnational Training and Development – TRANSCOOP, Project Beneficiary (PB) 5 of the project “The Healthy Municipality - Policies for Enhancing Access to Health Services in Deprived Areas” implemented in the context of the INTERREG V A Greece – Bulgaria Cooperation Programme 2014 – 2020.

Scope of the Healthy Municipality project is the design of prevention policies in remote cross border areas, so as to diminish urgent incidents in health, a factor directly affecting the quality of life of the residents in the said areas as well as the quality of services of the local health structures.

Subject of the CB Labs is to make stakeholders of the health sector in the specific areas acquainted with the modern prevailing concepts of prevention policies and to encourage them in taking responsibilities in this direction.

Considering that the health sector is mainly a new sector of competences for the Local Government of the particular area –main actor of the Healthy Municipality project- purpose of the present database is to support the CB Lab on Health Prevention with useful material on the current health policies, on the predominating at international level concepts and perceptions of health prevention.

More specifically the database aims at contributing to the support of the following reference areas of the CB Lab:

  1. Enriching the perception of health
  2. Mainstreaming and Improving application of Local HealthPlans

In this vein the data base encompasses useful bibliography on the following aspects:

  • General Policies on Health
  • Healthy City Planning
  • Healthy Rural Planning
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Health Policies in GR
  • Health Policies in BG

The target group of the data base:

Main audience targeted with the Data Base might be viewed the following:

  • The project beneficiaries of the Healthy Municipality Project
  • The local stakeholders of each area (Municipalities of Arriana, Iasmos, Krumovgrad, Momchilgrad) e.g. Local politicians concerned about health, Senior executives in city
    departments responsible for education, social services, etc., Health care professionals, especially those concerned with primary care, Community groups interested in health issues and the general welfare of the city, Academics with background in social policy, public health etc.

The current content of the Data Base should be viewed as indicative as it is expected that it will be extended and enriched in the future in accordance with the needs of the participants at the CB Labs.

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